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About Antik 44

Welcome to Antik 44

Antik 44 is housed in an old mayoral estate in Bogense. Here is the physical antique shop in the old house along with a small theater, cafe and art gallery. It's all been around since 1984, the oldest of the house dates from 1420, but it's not until the last couple of years that the antique part has taken up more and more space in the building.

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Antique shop

The antique shop is located in the forecourt with direct access to the art exhibition and other activities. We have two warehouses, one for smaller items in the house while the slightly larger items are in the magazine elsewhere in the city. And finally, our safe at close distance from the store. In the old courtyard there are stone jars, sundials and similar outdoor items.

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Monk cellar

The oldest part of the listed house was built around 1415 - 1420. It is a vaulted basement built of "monk stone", hence the name. There are only about six similar rooms in Denmark. Back then, the building was a stone house, a manor of considerable size. A young girl, Antonia, from approx. 1650 is said to haunt the site.

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Art exhibition

Originally, Cafe 44 was called "Gallery 44". The place started in 1984 as an art gallery with the opportunity to buy coffee and cake. The gallery in the theater hall has over the years held numerous exhibitions with well-known artists, both Danish and foreign. Among the Finns include William Hansen, William Rosenberg, Ole Ernst, Frank Hammershøj, Lars Mikes and others.

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In the summer of 1992, in the small, dusty, cozy rooms at cafe 44 in Bogense, an idea arose to make a cabaret with life, soul and poetry. The idea came from Agnethe Bjørn and after a few years of permanent residence in the middle of Odense, she started the Bogense Cabaret. Intimacy is important in a cabaret and it has to be said that there were plenty of opportunities in the old theater.

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Antik 44 history

In 2006, collector Torben Juul began exhibiting and selling smaller parts of his large collection. It has since evolved into a permanent physical store as well as a store on the Internet. Both places with exciting, unique and different antiques.


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About our team

The amazing team

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Torben Juul

Owner of Antik 44

Has collected throughout his life and is besides being a historian and author also well known with old cases from work at Danish museums and much more.

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Frederik Dybdal

Web Developer at Antik 44

Is behind all the technical / electronic. He puts pictures of various cases on the web shop and manages the site's design, structure, maintenance and more.

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